Dr. Michael Slone, LEP, BCBA, NCSP, ABSNP

Posted on November 10, 2021 • Filed under IEE Assessors

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Contact: Dr. Michael Slone, LEP, BCBA, NCSP, ABSNP
455 Los Gatos Blvd, Suite 104, Los Gatos CA 95032

5905 Soquel Drive, Suite 600, Soquel, CA 95073

(408) 355-0019



Areas of assessment: Academic Achievement, Adaptive Behavior, Adaptive Physical Education, Auditory Perception/Processing, Cognitive Functioning/Psychoeducational, Functional Behavior Assessment, Transition, Visual Perception/Processing/Visual Motor Integration, Social-Emotional, Mental Health


Cost of Assessments: $250/hour; comprehensive psychoed IEEs are $5,000-$6,000


Additional information: I am an LEP and NCSP with board certifications in both behavioral analysis (BCBA) and school neuropsychology (ABSNP), and 20 years of experience. I have offices in Los Gatos & Soquel but will travel as needed for cases


Additional Areas of Assessment: Social-emotional, Mental Health


Approved as an NPA/S by CDE: Yes


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