James W. Koeppel, Psy.D.

Posted on August 12, 2021 • Filed under IEE Assessors

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Contact: James W. Koeppel, Psy.D.
6840 Indiana Ave., Ste 230, Riverside, CA 92506




Areas of assessment: Academic Achievement, Adaptive Behavior, Auditory Perception/Processing, Cognitive Functioning/Psychoeducational, Functional Behavior Assessment, Visual Perception/Processing/Visual Motor Integration

Additional areas of assessment: social-emotional disturbance.


Cost of Assessments: Varies. Typically $3,500 + travel time


Additional information: Willing to travel if expenses paid. Partner with native Spanish L.E.P. if needed.


Approved by CDE: I am both a Ca. credentialed school psych and Ca. licensed psych.


Approved as an NPA/S by CDE: No

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