The El Dorado Charter SELPA…

strives to provide parents with relevant resources that may help navigate the special education process. Additionally, we encourage parents to advocate on behalf of their child, and for the improvement of special education statewide.

Knowing the basics of special education in California will help parents navigate the IEP process. The links to the right include parent’s rights, general terminology, and additional resources.

The Charter SELPA recognizes that parents and guardians are an integral component in the successful social-emotional growth and education of students with disabilities.

These videos were designed based on feedback received during Community Advisory Committee meetings (see below). We look forward to growing this library further and supporting parents through similar endeavors.

New Distance Learning Webinar Series for Parents

Welcome to a five-part webinar series designed to support parents in creating and managing an effective distance learning program in their homes. Please see the segments entitled:

  1. Creating a Distance Learning Schedule
  2. Providing a Positive Environment
  3. Organization in Distance Learning
  4. Distance Learning: Positive Mindsets
  5. Managing Study Expectations



Upcoming Parent Meetings
Date/Time Event
Oct 05
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
CAC Meeting
Jan 11
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
CAC Meeting
Apr 12
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
CAC Meeting

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)


El Dorado Charter SELPA’s Community Advisory Committee is a group formed to advise the Charter SELPA about the Special Education Local Plan, annual priorities, parent education, and other special education related activities. The CAC is designed to be a dynamic collaborative partnership of educators, parents, and community members.

The CAC holds three business meetings annually to address topics of interest to families of children with disabilities and gather information to advise our Special Education Local Plan.

  • Build communication between schools, parents and related agencies.
  • Encourage community and parental involvement in the development, review, and implementation of the Local Plan.
  • Support activities on behalf of individuals with exceptional needs.
  • Provide families with an opportunity to share resources and support.

This resource is the CAC bylaws — edits are highlighted in red.

CAC meetings are open to parents, family members, educators, agency representatives, and community members who are interested in supporting children with special needs.

  • Every Charter School is entitled to have one CAC representative. A CAC representative must be appointed and approved by their Charter School’s governing board. The CAC committee should be composed of a majority of parents of children with exceptional needs.

Interested in Joining the CAC?

Community Advisory Committee

This form is for schools and parents who are interested in the El Dorado Charter SELPA CAC.
Training Opportunity: Strategies for Dealing with ConflictAdministrators, teachers and parents are welcome!

Join Dr. Paul Porter, current Professor at Sonoma State University and former School Superintendent, SELPA Director, and School Psychologist, in this exciting new training to support administrators, teachers, and parents in strategies for addressing conflict.