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An Introduction to Supporting English Learners

Students who are learning English require careful and thoughtful instruction and interventions. English learners with disabilities require IEPs that are linguistically appropriate. The focus of this training is to ensure both the language acquisition and language processing needs of English Learners are being met by way of assessments, instructional strategies, reclassification best practices, and through the development of a reasonably calculated IEP.


  • Review sources of data and determine ways in which the information can be operationalized into accessible interventions and instructional practices across settings.
  • Explore research-based, best practices by gaining familiarity with the ELA/ELD frameworks for providing instruction and intervention with English Learners.
  • Gain knowledge regarding IEP development and documentation with particular attention to “linguistically appropriate” goals.
  • Develop a “plan” to ensure academic and EL state-wide testing requirements are met and individualized universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations are utilized.
  • Understand the core components and requirements for reclassification of English Learners including those with disabilities.

LCAP Priority Areas:

Basic Access: Providing all students’ access to fully credentialed teachers, instructional materials that align with state standards, and safe facilities.,

State Standards & Common Core: Implementing California’s academic standards, including Common Cores State Standards in English language arts and math, Next Generation Science standards, English language development, history, social science, visual and performing arts, health education and physics education standards.,

Student Achievement: Improving student achievement and outcomes along multiple measures, including test scores, English proficiency, and college and career preparedness.,

Course Access: Ensuring all students have access to classes that prepare them for college & careers, regardless of what school they attend or where they live.

State Performance Plan Indicators:

Indicator 1: Graduation 4 Year Rate,

Indicator 2: Dropout 4 Year Rate,

Indicator 3: Statewide Assessment,

Indicator 9: Racial/Ethnic Disproportionality,

Indicator 10: Disability Disproportionality

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