Assistive Technology Accommodations and Modifications to Consider

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 Instructional Strategies and Task ModificationNo and Low Tech ATMid-High Tech AT
HandwritingInstructional Strategies: Tracing exercise
Talk through letter formation Dot-to-dot
Multi-modality instruction Chalkboard practice
Task Modifications:
Adapt tests to fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, or T/F Provide additional time Shorten assignments
Photo copy notes
Also: Try different writing tools, change paper position, check student position: feet/pelvis/trunk and arm/hand. Avoid using short pencils. Use cross-age tutor, use peer support, provide typing/keyboard instruction. Provide instruction on use of specific AT device.
Pencil holders/grips Large/primary pencils Large crayons/markers Different kind/color paper Different line spacing/color
Acetate sheets with markers Light pen
Tape paper to desk Clipboard to hold paper Stencils/templates
Rubber name stamp, other rubber stamps
Magnetic board/letters Slant board/easel Wrist rest/support
Arm stabilizer/arm guide
Typewriter/word processor with correction, with custom key guard Portable word processor that interfaces with computer Computer with spell check
Computer with alternative input (e.g., on screen keyboard, switch interface, expanded or mini keyboard)
Voice activation software

ReadingInstructional Strategies: Use story frame
Use before, during, after
Echo reading Story mapping
Multi-modality teaching Structured study guides Task Modifications:
Highlight key concepts Extra time for completion Shorten assignments Simplify text
Use chapter outlines
Also: Use peer support, cross-age tutoring, information organizer, study carrel, provide tactile letters/words. Provide instruction on use of AT devices.
Page magnifiers Magnifying bars
Colored acetate
Word window Flash cards
Letter and word cards Sentence cards Highlighter
Post-it tape flags
Color-keyed paper clips to mark pages/paragraphs
Tape recorder to record reading assignments
Books on tape
Language master
Speaking Language Master Word Master
Electronic dictionary
Computer with voice output and talking word processing software
MathInstructional Strategies:
Use number lines
Use mnemonic devices
Use “two finger” counting aides
Use color coding strategies (e.g. green marker to start/red to stop)
Use multi-modality approach Use computational aids
Task Modifications:
Reduce the number of problems Eliminate the need to copy problems Enlarge worksheets
Avoid mixing “signs” on a page Reduce number of problems on page Allow more time
Also: Use peer support, use cross-age tutoring.
Provide instruction on use of AT
Counters: spools, buttons, etc. Containers for counters Manipulatives
Flash cards
Automatic number stamp Magnetic numbers on metal tray
Personal chalkboard/dry erase board Raised or enlarged number line Number facts charts

Hand held calculator Calculator with printout Talking calculator Language Master + Math
Tape recorder with counting, basic facts, multiplication tables, combinations, formulas

Written ExpressionInstructional Strategies: Content outlines “Webbing” strategy process Writing strategies Writing/story starters

Formulate sentences aloud Task Modifications:
Allow extra time Shorten assignment
Provide sentence “shells” Provide key words
Also: Use peer support, use cross-age tutoring, study carrel. Provide
instruction on use of AT devices.
Word cards Sentence cards Pocket dictionary Pocket thesaurus
Personal “word” book
Word wall
Electronic spell checker Electronic dictionary Electronic thesaurus Word Master
Speaking Dictionary
Companion or Talking Language Master
Computer with spelling and grammar check
Daily OrganizationInstructional Strategies:
Color coding strategies Homework journal Pocket schedule Notebook schedule Schedule on desk
Schedule on bulletin board Assignment sheets Appointment book Reminder cards
Structured study guides
Post signs and label areas in room Also:
Use peer support, use cross-age tutor, study carrel.
Provide instruction on use of AT device.
Pocket organizer/planner Personal organizer Clipboard
Sticky notes Notebook tabs Post-it tape flags Colored paper clips Highlighter Storage cubicles Timer
Electronic memo/schedule master Electronic pocket organizer/planner Taped schedule/assignments Digital diary
Computer with calendar/reminder software
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