Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Inspiration to Action Symposium. This year, we celebrated the inclusive vision of education through the lens of individuals who have continually strived for systemic improvements in special education. Keynote speaker Jonathan Mooney provided an inside look into the academic and societal hurdles he has faced, but more importantly, how he overcame those challenges and defied the odds that were stacked against him. Featured speaker Dr. Nancy Dome hosted our first-ever student panel, showing how cultural awareness in our educational system is the cornerstone for today’s society.

Dr. Nancy Dome, Beth Foraker, and Patty Schetter led engaging breakout sessions and provided participants with essential resources and tools to improve programs within their schools. The 2020 Inspiration to Action Symposium showcased an invaluable opportunity to magnify perspectives, to zoom in on best practices, amplify success, and spotlight the opportunity we all possess to initiate meaningful change for all students. See you next year!

2020 Speakers