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September 9, 2021: Educational Leadership: Navigating Our New Normal

Jeremiah and Moises speak with a live panel of school leaders from across the state about the significance of building a school community, educator self-care, leveraging technology, and navigating the new normal of COVID-19 related challenges and student achievement. As a bonus, you will hear personal stories recorded from attendees at the El Dorado Charter SELPA Leadership Academy, held in July 2021 in San Diego, California. Enjoy the show!

June 11, 2021: High School Graduation and Pathways to the Post-Pandemic Workforce

Guests Joyce Montgomery from the California Transition Alliance and Rachel De Bruin, Transition Coordinator for Connecting Waters Charter share resources, personal stories, and best practices in the area of transition. Guests provide context regarding the challenges and opportunities for graduating students stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as valuable information about building and sustaining a strong high school transition program.

To access Rachel De Bruin’s curated transition resource padlets, or sign up for upcoming workshops visit:

Padlet code: workshop

Visit the California Transition Alliance website at to access transition tools and resources for teachers, parents and educators.

Additional resources:

California Career zone

California career center

Transition California

National Technical Assistance Center on Transition:

Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center:

Disability Benefits 101:

JAN: Job Accommodation Network:

April 07, 2021: Reopening, Learning Loss and English Learners

Special Guests Vanessa Lopez from the Imperial County SELPA, as well as Christine Kane and Valentyna Banner of San Diego Global Vision Academy join Jeremiah and Moises to discuss COVID-19 related challenges, English Learners, UDL, and much more.

To access resources for ELs and students with disabilities from Imperial County SELPA and the grant-based EL resources referenced in the episode, visit

California Practitioner’s Guide for Educating English Learners with Disabilities (CDE)

For more information about San Diego Global Vision Academy, visit

San Diego Area Writing Project: Provides year-round professional learning in all content areas with a focus on writing, equity, and teachers teaching teachers.

Project GLAD: “evidence-based practices that help design classrooms and lessons where language comes alive through content.”

SDSU CGI Collaborative: “The goal for students is to develop rich informal mathematical thinking and innate problem-solving abilities. Teachers learn how mathematical thinking develops and how to guide children toward deeper, more sophisticated levels of understanding.”

Imagine Learning: “Imagine Language & Literacy is an adaptive learning solution that accelerates reading and language proficiency for students in grades PreK–6. Designed to supplement core literacy instruction, Imagine Language & Literacy provides instruction and practice in all four domains of literacy—reading, writing, listening, and speaking.”

If you have a story to share, let us know. We want to hear about the amazing work being done in our schools to improve outcomes for all students.

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