SELPA Data Supports

The SELPA uses the Special Education Information System (SEIS). SEIS provides centralized, online management and storage of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and special education student records. SEIS student data is utilized to comply with federal and state mandated reporting timelines. SEIS is an essential component of your LEA’s records management, data management, and data compliance.

Program Technicians coordinate with LEAs and oversee accurate special education data reporting, certification, and timely submission for California Department of Education (CDE) mandated reports:

• CALPADS Fall 1


• Personnel Services

• DRDP (preschool services report if services are offered at your sites)(Necessary?)

• Program Technicians also serve as a point of contact between the CDE and LEAs regarding CDE specialized reporting –

• Data-Informed Non-Compliance (DINC) -Prong I and Prong II

• Performance Indicator Reports (PIR)

• Comprehensive Reviews

• Compliance Determination

• Significant Disproportionality

Your Program Technician will inform you when the state-mandated reports are due and will work with your LEA to ensure that you have the information necessary to resolve errors so that your LEA may submit the required information in a timely fashion. If your LEA is deemed eligible for specialized review by the CDE, the Data Team will communicate with your District Level User and Charter Steering Representative so that you may provide the necessary information to the CDE. Our team uses email as our main form of communication. When you receive an email from the Data Team, please pay special attention as we are asking you to complete a specific task or parlaying important information that may impact your LEAs compliance with the CDE.


Our responsibilities regarding SEIS are all-encompassing:

• Monitor and manage the overall SEIS system and user requests.

• Provide trainings to all SEIS users within El Dorado County Charter SELPA.

• Provide support to LEAs reporting data to CALPADS and the California Department of Education

As a member of the Charter SELPA, there are responsibilities associated with utilizing SEIS. These responsibilities ensure that data maintained and submitted to the CDE is accurate and submitted in a timely fashion. There are two level users: District Level User and Teacher Level User (case manager and other service provider). Each user has distinct responsibilities:

District Level Users (DLUs)

• Distribute information from SELPA to your appropriate providers/contracted personnel.

• Manage the SEIS users for your Charter School/LEA including creating, editing, and deleting accounts.

• Use SEIS as a tool for monitoring compliance, accuracy, and timelines.

• Manage and process requests in SEIS from other SELPAs, LEAs and your own providers and/or contracted personnel.

• Coordinate timely and accurate completion of CALPADS and other state reports.

• Attend SEIS trainings provided by El Dorado County Charter SELPA.

• Coordinate with school site CALPADS Coordinator to submit special education data.

• Complete other SEIS related items as they arise.

Teacher Level Users (TLUs): Case Manager

• Use the “Add Student Form” to send a request to the DLU to a create new student SEIS record or locate a student’s existing SEIS record.

• Enter student’s IEP information and data.

• Assign and/or remove service providers to student records.

• Update student status — pending, eligible, or ineligible.

• Keep your caseload current at all times.

• Keep SEIS student records free of errors at all times for CALPADS reporting and accuracy.

• Add or update academic and behavioral goals.

• Request a student to be exited (please note: The DLU will process the exit once it has been requested).

• Affirm/attest an IEP within 24 hours from the IEP meeting date, or as soon as possible after services have been established.

• Attend SEIS trainings provided by El Dorado County Charter SELPA.

Teacher-Level Users (TLUs): Other Service Providers

• Send requests to the DLU to add or remove you as a provider to a student’s record.

• Add or edit goals, enter progress updates, and attend to other work on the IEP as instructed by a case manager.

• Upload assessment reports into SEIS as an attachment to the IEP.

• Keep your caseload current at all times.

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