Become a Partner

There are two categories of partnership: Single Charter Partner and Organization Partner. A Single Charter Partner is a SELPA member with one school (single CDS code). An Organization Partner is defined as a non-profit with one governing board or an organization with one Chief Executive Officer position that is vested with comprehensive operating authority for two or more SELPA member schools (multiple CDS codes).

  • The 2018-19 application process is a seven-stage process beginning with the Potential New Partner Meetings.
  1. Potential New Partner Meetings
    Mandatory attendance by a school’s CEO is required. This meeting outlines the services provided by the Charter SELPA, what is expected as a new charter partner within the Charter SELPA, as well as the application process.
    Please Note: If your application is considered an expansion of a current partnership, you are not required to attend a Potential New Partner Meeting. When you register your email on the application website make sure you indicate which of our current partners you are a member of. 
  2. Completion of the online initial application packet and submittal of required documentation.
  3. Completion of the online program and financial portion of the application and submittal of required documentation.
  4. Internal Review by SELPA and Selected Charter Partners.  Concurrently a due diligence review will take place.
  5. Capacity Interview
    This interview will allow the Charter SELPA to understand the overall culture of your charter and your leadership vision for serving students with special needs.
  6. Selection Committee
    The SELPA Selection Committee determines the final approval of recommended applicants.
  7. New Partner Induction
    Mandatory attendance at a New Partner Induction Meeting is required. This meeting discusses the mutual commitment between the SELPA and new partners.

Registration is now closed for the Potential New Partner Meeting.

On October 10th, we held a meeting for organizations interested in applying for the 2019-20 school year.  No additional meetings are planned for 2019-20 applications at this time.

However, please contact Kelly Carnahan at, if you are interested in applying for membership and she will contact you if another meeting is scheduled.

Please note, if you are currently in operation, to avoid any difficulty, should you choose to join another SELPA, notice should have been provided to your current SELPA one year and one day in advance of the school year you intend to leave (i.e., June 30, 2018 for the 2019-20 school year).  We advise providing notice of intent to withdrawal to your authorizer, current SELPA, and CDE.  If you did not provide this notice before the June 30th deadline, you would need to acquire a letter of agreed upon early release from your SELPA.

The importance of this communication is to ensure sufficient planning time for all involved and is required by law. Our process will require evidence of timely communication. We recommend sending these letters by certified mail with return receipt.

Upcoming Meetings

All Potential New Partner Meetings are completed for the 2019-20 Application Season.

Special Education Services & Supports

Professional Learning

The Charter SELPA provides high-quality professional learning opportunities to empower educators, administrators, and staff to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Partner Services

We provide individualized support to Charter SELPA Partners as they provide high-quality special education services to meet the needs of all students. We recognize that each Charter school is unique requiring creativity, individualized solutions for our schools.

Fiscal Support

The Charter SELPA provides guidance and oversight in managing state and federal special education funding, by providing timely budget data, financial information, and training to ensure LEAs meet state and federal reporting requirements.

Data Compliance & Reporting

We provide support and guidance to charter schools to ensure the accuracy of student records and compliance with statewide standards.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Charter SELPA provides expertise to mitigate any legal proceedings that may arise from conflicts in the IEP process. Charter SELPA Program Specialists are available to facilitate cooperative conversation between all parties involved.

Real Impact