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Access newly released or updated SELPA documents and resources designed to assist our charter partners. These documents and resources are to serve as guidance to SELPA partners and will change as time goes on. The SELPA encourages all partners to regularly check this page as new and updated versions of current resources will be added.

On this website you will find evidence-based special education resources in the areas of assessment, collaboration, instruction, social emotional learning & behavior, and high quality IEPs.

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The Charter SELPA is proud to partner with the California Autism Professional Training and
Information Network (CAPTAIN) by promoting the use of evidence-based practices for students
with Autism. CAPTAIN is part of the California Department of Education Statewide System of Support
in collaboration with Marin County SELPA.

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The Special EDge is a publication of the California Department of Education’s Special Education Division. It Informs and supports parents, educators, service providers, and policymakers on research-informed and promising practices, state and federal laws and policies, and the successes and challenges of invested educational partners as they work to improve and strengthen special education services for students with disabilities in California.

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Recently Released SELPA Guidelines & Resources




Improving Outcomes for English Learners with Disabilities

As a recipient of a California Department of Education (CDE) and California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) SELPA content lead grant, the Imperial County SELPA is committed to be of assistance to the statewide system of support by offering collaborative consultation services to SELPAs who have identified needs associated with improving outcomes for English learners with Disabilities.

Given the complex needs of English learners with Disabilities, the Imperial County SELPA provides statewide in-person and virtual training opportunities for teachers, teacher-leads/coaches, support personnel, general & special education service providers, and administrators.

The Imperial County SELPA is committed to building the collective efficacy of general & special educators and their leaders, within every SELPA, to advance the achievement of English learners with Disabilities locally and across the state.

Creating Inclusive Environments

Inclusive learning environments provide opportunities for all students to access education in the general education setting to the maximum amount appropriate. Resources provided in this section will allow all staff (General Education, Administration, and Special Education) to understand how every student can be included.

Mental Health / Behavior

Responding appropriately to challenging behaviors and addressing the mental health needs of students continues to be a critical conversation in schools across the K-12 system. Building a positive school culture and climate is the first step in fostering student growth. Schools can utilize the resources in this section to support all staff in creating a safe and secure learning environment for all. By promoting healthy and safe learning environments, schools can set the foundation for increased academic rigor and progress as students feel cared for and engaged in the learning environment.

Non Public School (NPS) / Non Public Agency (NPA)

Local Educational Agencies throughout the state utilize Non-Public Schools and Non-Public Agencies to provide educational placements and services to students who receive special education services. Adherence to the guidance below will help schools avoid funding and programmatic problems and prevent any disruption to the educational program of the students being served.


Paraeducators play a major role supporting students with disabilities across educational settings. It is critical that paraeducators are provided the training and ongoing coaching necessary for understanding the impact of disabilities in the educational setting and their responsibility in mitigating potential barriers, increasing access to instruction, and, thus promoting independence and positive outcomes for students with disabilities.

Special Education Information System (SEIS)

The Special Education Information System (SEIS) provides centralized online management and storage of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and special education student records. Teachers and service providers can edit IEP forms at any time, from any device, with internet access. The IEP forms are pre-populated with information from the SEIS Student Record, which eliminates repetitive data entry.

Statewide Assessment Spotlight

The SELPA Statewide Assessment Spotlight provides commonly used resources located on the California Department of Education’s website. Use this section to navigate content from the California Department of Education regarding the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) in English Language Arts and Math, the California Science Test (CAST), the California Alternate Assessment, Interim Assessments, Formative assessment tools from the digital library, and information on other statewide assessments including the English Language Proficiency Assessments of California (ELPAC) and Physical Fitness Test (PFT).


Preparing students for a successful transition into adult life, is the culmination of their entire educational experience. This section aims to promote value, and provide guidance around how to support students’ transition from high school or age 18-22 programs to college, career, and civic life responsibilities.

Understanding Disability and Student Support Needs

Specific disabilities, such as autism and dyslexia, present their own unique challenges within the learning environment. Gain a strong foundational understanding of specific disabilities and learn targeted evidence-based strategies to support students with needs in identified areas. Success comes when appropriate strategies are matched with specific needs of the disability.

Resources in Partnership with Outside Organization and the El Dorado Charter SELPA

The El Dorado Charter SELPA partners with community and state agencies to develop valuable resources for educational professionals statewide.

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