Inspiration to Action Symposium 2022
February 24 | Northern California
Location TBD

For the past six years, the El Dorado Charter SELPA has hosted an Inspiration to Action Symposium to celebrate and honor the educators who continually strive for improving special education. This in-person event has been held in San Diego and has drawn crowds of nearly 300 people for a day of connectedness, great food, laughter, and even tears of joy.


2021 marked the first year the SELPA transition the event to a virtual platform. Last year’s theme was Growing Together, Forward Together, encapsulating the collective experiences both internally and externally through the challenges and opportunities this past year has brought us. Topics from this past symposium included:

  • The significance and research on happiness
  • Self-care tips
  • Having a vision for the future
  • Making the impossible possible


We look forward to celebrating with your team in person at this year’s Inspiration to Action Symposium.

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