The Charter SELPA is Proud to Offer Ongoing Program Support in the Following Areas:

Access to Special Education Program Specialists | Professional Development | Special Education Program Insight & Design | Facilitation of the IEP (Individual Education Plan) | Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) | Resource Development | Curriculum Problem Solving Assistance | Access to Local Listing of Certified NPA’s & NPS’s (Non-Public Agencies & Non-Public Schools) | Networking and Resource Sharing with Other Charters Across the State









The Charter SELPA provides much more than special education funding. Schools that are looking to improve current practices or train incoming educators are able to take advantage of more than 100 professional learning opportunities offered.

The Charter SELPA offers a variety of training opportunities on various platforms.

  • Regional trainings are offered throughout the state and may be attended by anyone who is interested. Schools that are part of the Charter SELPA may request site-based trainings.

  • Site-based trainings are tailored to the needs of a specific school site and attended by participants of the school’s choosing.

  • Webinars are live, online trainings given by a SELPA program specialist. Anyone may register for our webinars.

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